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Week #4 – Face of Beauty

Purple Lotus (DSCN1136)

Creative Commons License Li-Ji via Compfight

Face of Beauty

I look upon the face of beauty

My heart swells and a tsunami of warmth spreads over my body like a blanket

I have no words but my own

To express my feeling of love for this face

My feeling of awe and passion

I would trust this face to catch me in a fall

And lift my broken body off of the ground and mend my bones

A heart of gold a doorway to heaven

Eyes of intelligent pursuit

Hair of silk a blanket for my tears

Brain of infinite knowledge

A dictionary of love

A ship to carry me through life

Body a factory creating the future

The future for us

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Week #3 – Sister

Color pencils

Wirawat Lian-udom via Compfight


She looks at the stars and thinks life will never end

Her innocence in abundance

A friend by her side as honest as her

I look at her and hope she never changes

When I look at her all I can think is beautiful

It encases my mind and traps it

Words pass through her and out of her

I can see the light shining off of her

The light that the feeds the world, a key to its life

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Poem #2 – People


Sandra Rede via Compfight


I wish I could shake every humans hand

Wish them luck

Encourage them

Share my fears and dreams and know I’m not alone

That they are not alone

The darkest time is the best time to have a friend

I want to be that friend

I want to have a friend

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Poem #1- Innocence


Annie Fischinger via Compfight


I still have dreams

My friends say I’m too innocent

They say I should throw my innocence away

I have enough dreams to buy the world

And they have resigned to throw them all away

I have enough dreams to feed all of the hungry people in the world

To fly around the galaxy and back

To clean the entire ocean

And still have time to share my dreams with my friends

And build a world of innocence

I still have dreams and I always will

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Week #9 – Inspirational Italy

The Colosseum

Ania Mendrek via Compfight

The summer of 2018, I and several other students will be going on a fourteen day trip to Italy and Greece. I’ve been saving money by collecting bottles and cans. Also by going to several fundraiser, during the next fundraiser I will be selling plants. Most weekends I’m planting, replanting, watering, and labeling all of the plants. This weekend I planted about one hundred tomato plants. It will take a lot of plants to reach my goal.

The trip includes visiting several monuments and historical sites. Some of the monuments we will be visiting are the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, and a tour of Vatican City in just the first few days. An optional tour of the Roman Catacombs and during the fourth day we will visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Spanish Steps. During the fifth day we go on a ferry to the Island Capri, and enjoy a guided tour of the Island. We will also be taking a cruise to several Greek Islands throughout several days of the trip.

The site I’m looking forward to the most is the guided tour of Pompeii. When I was in fourth grade I remember reading a book about Pompeii and when I finished the next day I read it again. I continued to read it several times over because I found it so interesting and yet my mind couldn’t quite grasp the idea of a whole place being covered in ash. I probably read the book so many times that I practically had it memorized. I can’t believe that in two years I will be able to see the actual thing and I can’t wait.


Week #6 – Food

In Oregon we don’t have a unique food, but we do make a lot of food products such as honey, jam, cheese, jelly, and syrup. One of the most popular food trucks in Oregon is the Grilled Cheese Grill and one of the most popular foods is a bacon maple bar. My personal favorite food is fried chicken, just because it’s so perfect. Oregon has pretty much every kind of food. It’s a bit hard to say which food is unique to Oregon. Here is a list of foods I like from each continent(not including Antarctica because I have never tried anything from it).

North America – Cheese burger

South America – Enchiladas

Africa – Neat pie

Europe – Fried Chicken

Australia – Pea and ham soup

Asia – Chicken rice


Week #8 – Count of Three Game








Dim Sum

ehpien via Compfight

For this post I Visited three blogs, the first person I visited was Rico. The post I commented on was about success, I commented on how well he added a lot of  information and it was still fun to read. The second blog I visited belonged to Mayu, the post I commented on was about her favorite food and I think she could have added a little detail about each food. The final blog I commented on belonged to Nabila, her food post had several different foods including Dim Sum which is a type of dumpling. The food I found most interesting on her post was an eggette which before today I didn’t even know existed, Eggettes are waffle like dough balls.

Mayu –




Week #5 – Blank Page

Whoop di doo Sarah Ross via Compfight

Blank Page

Poetry is a part of me, it is me

Every emotion a poem

Spilling out of every one of my pores

Out the end of my pencil

Onto a snowy white landscape

Footprints of words appearing everywhere

Ghosts of past words haunting my brain.

Then the words stop

Bumping into each other


A jumble of letters

Unable to form words

The poem stops, out of fuel like a train

Huffing, puffing, and squealing to a stop

Stuck in place.

Then another poem begins.


Week #4 – My World

Portland Oregon ~ Pittock Mansion ~ Historic Mansion ~ My Vintage Photo

                  Onasill ~ Bill Badzo via Compfight                 

I chose to write about three tourist attractions in Oregon the first one is the Crater Lake National Park. Crater lake is the deepest lake in America and the park was established in 1902. The park is 1,169 square feet long and the lake is 1,943 feet deep. The next tourist attraction is the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry which has several exhibits, includes a IMAX theater and was founded in 1944. It is in Portland and has about a million visitors per year.  It also has a submarine and several events if you would like to learn more visit their website at The attraction that I really want to see is the Pittock Mansion which was built in 1914 and is around 92 years old.
The house was supposed to be demolitioned in the 1960’s but the community persuaded Portland to buy the house. It has 46 acres of land around it and is at an elevation of  1,000 feet above Portland. My last attraction is the Portland Chinese Garden which takes up less the 6 acres it has several different gardens three of them are The Flat Garden, The Strolling Pond Garden, and The Stone Garden. There is also a beautiful ceremonial teahouse(which sounds pretty cool.


Week #3 – Earth Hour

Sun Glider. ☀️❤️☀️

gusdiaz via Compfight 

For Earth hour my family went camping this week to the coast. We did a lot of sightseeing and went to the Fort Stevens Park, and did the walking tour. We also went to the beach twice(we would have gone more but it rained a lot) and my sisters rode their bikes. My favorite thing was when we went to Fort Clatsop and got to see how and where Lewis and Clark traveled and how difficult their journey. We also  celebrated my mother’s birthday while we were camping, so we ate lots of coconut cream pie(my mom isn’t a cake person). My aunt lives there so we went and visited her and her son, Gabe. We went to the Pig’n Pancake for breakfast, which I loved. I hope everybody else had a fun spring break.


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